Skye Coffee co. believes in serving coffee in its simplest and purest form, letting the hard work and skills of the producer, roaster, and barista come to the forefront. Resultantly the menu is very short: coffee served either as an espresso, V60 or with milk – no syrups, no spices, no creams – to encourage customers to appreciate the coffee’s true essence. A large focus is placed on drawing links between the local scene and its international ties, with baristas bringing experience from the US, New Zealand, and London. Recently the quality Spanish baristas are making their mark on the scene.

Skye’s main Spanish provider is Right Side Coffee, but international guest roasters are not uncommon. At any one time only one roast is offered. Coffee origins vary dependent on la cosecha – the process of harvesting coffee – so that they change according to what’s in season.

Grinder: Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic

Machine: La Marzocca Linea PB